Get the latest updates to windows 98
If you are running Windows 98 Second Edition you do not need Customer Service Pack -- all of the updates are included on your system. Windows 98 Customer Service Pack updates Windows 98 to keep your system in top shape.
If you are running Windows® 98, get the latest software updates for your computer f rom Windows Update. This online extension of Windows 98 helps keep your computer tuned by offering service packs, updates, system files, device drivers, and security updates. Visit the Product Updates download catalog now by clicking the above link.

Free Antivirus Software / Updates
Info on Email Hoaxes and an Alphabetic List of Common Email Virus Hoaxes

InoculateIT Personal Edition is complete virus protection for Windows 98/95 PCs and Windows NT Workstation. InoculateIT Personal Edition is based on one of the leading anti-virus products in the worldwide market, consistently performing well in independent tests. InoculateIT PE automatically detects and cleans conventional file and boot sector viruses as well as macro viruses that infect Office 95, Office 98, and Office 2000 Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint files, and Access databases. It provides excellent protection against Internet and email-borne viruses, protecting your PC from infected files downloaded from web sites around the world, and from infected attachments sent to you via email.

For Client's using Visual Basic Programs and Access
Have a look at for a report posted on 07/01/2000 at 8:43am by Mike Magee and entitled "Y2K bug lurking in Microsoft VB, Access". Surely not! As a matter of interest, they have put a hyper-link to the relevant MS page where they tell you how to fix it ........

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